Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies Customs Declaration Training   Online
Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies Customs Declaration Training   Online
Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies Customs Declaration Training   Online

SDW have teamed up with our friends at BIFA to actively promote their new eLearning course – how to complete a Customs declaration.

With Brexit around the corner and certainly if it ends up a No Deal, then Customs formalities and compliance within the supply chain will certainly increase, causing extra demand for Customs trained professionals within the freight & logistics sector.

This is a new course launched by BIFA, aimed at those who want to gain a better understanding of Customs regimes and how to complete a Customs entry. The course is based around 11 modules and is purely online, and can be delivered at any time, either during work or after hours and should take approximately 5 hours in total to complete. This can be broken down into sessions to suit the delegate / employer, or 5 hours in one hit.

Modules include:

  • The Export processes
  • The Import process and entry completion rules
  • Trader, exporter and importer responsibilities
  • Valuation
  • How to classify goods
  • Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs)
  • Tariff Measures
  • Prohibitions and restrictions
  • Reliefs
  • Preferences
  • Customs Simplified Procedures
  • Assessment

Companies can also apply for funding / a grant, as £3M has been made available for Customs training. We are even happy to assist with this where we can.

You can access a link to the course and find out more by clicking here.

For BIFA Members, the course costs £190 and for non-members £230.

At SDW, as a specialist recruiter to the shipping industry and experiencing first hand the difficulty in recruiting experienced Customs professionals, we are happy to cover the cost of the training for all trainees hired through our traditional recruitment service.

So, we’ll ensure we find you a high calibre, keen & enthusiastic trainee, and if you hire them, once they have started, we’ll deduct £230 off our introduction fee so they can complete the course at work / in their own time – directly with you. Or we can arrange for them to complete the course at our offices in Southampton at our cost.

This is just one of the ways we are providing solutions to our clients in tackling the skills shortage we are experiencing within the freight & logistics sector.

You can find out more information by contacting Steve on 023 8033 6633 or emailing