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Workers who feel challenged are more engaged & more likely to stay

Having worked in recruitment for the shipping & freight forwarding industry for over 15 years now, the first question we ask candidates who register with us or ask us for career advice is, why are you looking for a new role?

I would say, roughly 70% of candidates respond with – I am looking for a new challenge as my role is just the same every day, or there is no advancement or opportunity to learn more. I want more responsibility is another frequent one.

So, if one of your employees hands you their notice, before you get angry or feel that they have been disloyal, after all you have done for them – just think, have I listened to them or encouraged them to make the most of their potential? Have I made them feel valued and clearly communicated to them their importance within the business?

It can be bloody hard I know. You’ve got all the pressures of running a department, office or the entire business. Customers want your attention, other stakeholders in the business want your attention, then there is everything else on your to do list. You plan to sit down and have a chat with members of your team, but time runs away and before you know it, its 6pm.

But you need to… you will certainly benefit in the end in terms of staff retention & ultimately lower hiring costs.

Employees who are challenged regularly are more engaged in their work. Assigning your employees with tasks will motivate them, and will add to their development and their sense of worth. Not only that, this could help you clear your to do list by delegating some of your tasks.

So, to ensure you have engaged employees and to ensure you keep your staff turnover is low, here are a couple of tips:

  1. Ask employees to figure our solutions to problems on their own, rather than just telling them what to do.
  2. Show appreciation – showing appreciation increases engagement, and those who feel more appreciated, care more about the company’s success and are willing to work beyond the scope of their role.
  3. Schedule a 10 minute “nip it in the bud” meetings, ideally monthly but realistically at least quarterly – to discuss any concerns or scope for more responsibility.

So, in summary, remember – “Employee engagement is the extent to which your employees are personally involved in the success of your business”

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

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