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Using recruitment agencies as a job seeker – the good & the bad…

A good recruitment consultant should be well placed to help you find your next job, and they will definitely add value to your job search and your career long-term.

Unfortunately, the recruitment industry is unregulated, and like many professions, you will find plenty of examples of good & bad operators. At SDW we certainly fall under the good category by the way.

So what makes a good agency?

A lot of job hunters will base their agency selection process entirely on luck, applying for various jobs advertised on the job boards or even sending their CV to 5 plus agencies – thinking it makes sense to cast the net wide.

A far better approach is to research specialist agencies within your field, obtain recommendations from friends, ex-colleagues & family. Find out who has a good solid reputation and is very active in your industry – above all who can you TRUST?

Here are some good pointers & characteristics of good and bad agencies:

Good agencies

  • In addition to your work history, they will also ask the right questions to find out your motivations & career aspirations
  • Treat your relationships as a long term one. Not just getting you a job now, but to offer you advice whenever required throughout your career.
  • They know what they’re talking about – in our case, we understand the shipping, freight, logistics & supply chain industry – and the jobs we work on.
  • They treat your application confidentially at all times and they gain your permission before making any approaches to their clients
  • They keep in touch throughout the process, even if it is just a call to say sorry – there is no news!

Bad agencies

  • These agencies are purely focussed on candidates they can place tomorrow and make a quick buck from.
  • They are only interested in your work history & not you as a person, your goals or career aspirations.
  • They don’t really understand what you do or the sector you work in.
  • They send your CV out to everyone without even gaining your permission first.

You should only work with recruitment consultants you trust, that come across knowledgeable & professional. Remember this person is representing you to potential employers.

Should you work with multiple agencies?

My honest, professional answer is no – certainly not for the first few weeks of your job search, as being an exclusive candidate to your chosen recruiter will certainly get their best of out of them.

But we never like to tie either candidates or clients into sole agreements at SDW, as we truly believe we offer a superior service & our ability to present great & relevant career opportunities to you will demonstrate this. However I would recommend working with a maximum of 3 good agencies as you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of an agency tug of war. This normally happens when an agency sends your CV to one of their clients without speaking to you first.

Also, always remember – just because you have registered with an agency doesn’t mean you have to remain on their books if you are not happy with them.

At SDW, we really value the relationships we form with our candidates, not just now but over the whole course of your career. Many of our past candidates have even worked their way up to be managers whom we recruit for.

At SDW, we have a genuine interest in you, your career and are passionate about all things logistics. This year we are celebrating our 15th year in business, so we must be doing something right.

We hope you will choose SDW as your recruitment partner of choice when looking to make your next career move.

For more information on how we can assist you, what the market is like, salary trends etc… without obligation and in the strictest of confidence, please call 023 8033 6633 or email the team on

Best regards

Steve Wyeth