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Southampton Shipping Industry Welcomes CMA Giant

This weekend, Southampton’s shipping & freight forwarding community, along with many local shipping enthusiasts welcomed another record breaking giant to the Port.

The brand new CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupery arrived in Southampton on Saturday 10th March, to a very warm Southampton welcome.

With a capacity of 20,600 TEU — 123 kilometers of containers, Exupery is a strong addition to the third largest container shipping company’s fleet. At 400-meters long and 59-meter wide, the vessel is Longer than four football fields and bigger than the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower.

The ship bears the CMA CGM group new visual identity.

The vessel operates on the FAL 1 service (French Asia Line 1), the longest sea route in the world which connects Asia to Northern Europe. This line offers a weekly service to 16 ports of call for a duration of 84 days.

Steve Wyeth of Southampton based shipping, freight & logistics recruitment agency SDW commented “yet again, another giant of the seas coming into Southampton, demonstrating how Southampton can handle the worlds largest container ships, ensuring that Southampton remains the port of choice for many importers, exporters throughout the UK”