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When recruiting, why you should only work with one agency

Many Hiring Managers or HR professionals (not just in the shipping & logistics industry) have the mindset that if they work with a number of recruitment agencies, plus advertise themselves at the same time, they will cast their net wide enough and will have a number of high calibre, suitably experienced candidates to recruit from.

How wrong could they be…

If you are looking to recruit using a recruitment agency, do your research and choose just one agency to partner with and you will see such a dramatic difference in the quality of service and the candidates you’ll receive, plus the level of consultancy provided.


When you choose just one recruiter, they have a commitment from you. They are not going to go away away, work late to advertise the role, tap into their network and scour the database to identify, interview and present potential candidates for you to turnaround and say, sorry – I got this candidate from another agency an hour ago or they applied directly to our advert on indeed.

You don’t ask your accountant to compete with 4 others and the first one to complete your tax return gets paid & for the other 4, well tough luck.

As a client you are more committed to the process, so you provide feedback & return calls, so the recruiter feels valued and knows they are working on a vacancy that they have a good chance of filling, so they are fully motivated to work hard and present the best candidates, and not only that, but before your competitors see them!

Companies often moan and groan about recruiters, but in many cases, they are the ones who have created the monster. Using multiple agencies competing against each other, providing no real job spec or brief, no feedback or communication. Or the role goes to an internal candidate, which it was always going to. Some companies even going behind agencies backs trying to contact candidates on Facebook or LinkedIn, to bypass them altogether.

Do you know that the average recruiter only fills 1 in 5 roles they work on? So, they get paid for Monday and work for the rest of the week for free!

Let’s finish up on fees. When working exclusively with an agency, of course you are completely entitled to ask for a preferential rate and should get one, in reward for working with that agency on an exclusive basis. However, don’t drive down the fee to much – remember you only get what you pay for, and you should never choose an agency based on price alone. We have advertising packages starting at £199 if your budget is that tight.

Ask questions like – what rebate period do they have? What companies have they worked for in the past & currently working for in your sector? Look for reviews and testimonials. How do they treat their candidates? Remember they are representing your company.

There is always an agency that will agree 9% – but if they successfully place someone with you, you can be sure that 6 months down the line they will be back, poaching them back off you for one of your competitors.

This is the point where I say at SDW, we are different 😊

We have strong ethical values that the business is built on and that’s why we are the preferred recruitment partner of choice to the majority of shipping, freight & logistics companies.

Buy hey, you already knew that didn’t you…. 😊

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

Founder & Director