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How to prioritise recruitment, when hiring isn’t your only job

At SDW, we understand more than most that finding the right person for your role can be pretty time consuming.

However one of the fundamentals of having a slick and efficient hiring process, is the ability to know when, and how – to make recruitment a priority, which can be a struggle, especially when recruitment only forms a small part of your role.

Here are our 3 top tips of ways you could make your recruitment process more efficient & ultimately make a successful hire.

  1. Set deadlines

Certain roles will always be easier to fill than others. With this in mind, you will need to dedicate different amounts of time to the different roles you recruit for. Plus you will need to factor in the urgency of the hire.

Set specific dates of when you want a shortlist by. Block out time in your calendar to interview candidates, and set a date of when you would like your new employee(s) to start & don’t forget to factor in notice periods.

  1. Find / use the right method

There is an abundance of different products and solutions out there to help you attract candidates – some of which may not suit your specific requirement; your process; the role in question; the urgency of the role, plus not to mention your budget.

For more easy to fill roles, or for some companies working to tight budgets, you may well find online job advertising incredibly effective – such as our SDW eRecruit advertising service. Priced at only £399, this solution allows you the ability to get your role out there to millions of job seekers, almost instantly.

For more experienced or qualified staff, backed by solid industry specific advice – utilising our full recruitment service could be the ideal solution. We have a number of pre-qualified industry professionals looking for new opportunities registered with us & we are well networked to be able to be pro-active in our candidate sourcing methods, without headhunting (we leave that for the more aggressive agencies)

We also offer a service that sits nicely between the two, which we call our Fixed Fee service.

You can greatly increase your success & cut your time to hire dramatically, just by using the most effective method.

  1. Set time aside… just for recruitment

It isn’t easy to find the time to go through candidate’s applications, especially if recruitment isn’t your only role. You have an office or department to manage, customers to deal with, new business to bring on board… the list is no doubt endless. But instead of trying to juggle all your tasks at once, set time aside each day  – ideally around an hour to go through the CVs.

Keep distractions to a minimum – for example, don’t check your emails (easy to say I know). This way you won’t be half concentrating on the other tasks you need to complete and you will be able to give each application the time it deserves.

Of course, utilising a specialist recruitment agency like SDW, will certainly cut down the number of CVs you will need to review as each candidate you receive should be fully qualified & be suitable for your vacancy.

Whatever your preferred recruiting method, I hope these tips help & happy recruiting!

SDW Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency for the shipping, freight forwarding, logistics & supply chain sector. SDW is based in Hampshire but successfully recruit throughout the UK.

Please contact the team on 023 8033 6633 or email to find out more information on our various solutions depending on your requirement & budget, and without any obligation to use our recruitment services.