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How to prepare if you are conducting a job interview

Great news, you have a shortlist of good potential candidates to interview.

Surely it is the candidates that need to prepare and not you? Not at all – you have to be on the ball to ensure you look professional and organised to prospective employees.

Of course, it is courtesy to value your candidate’s time, but most importantly for you, poor planning will manifest itself in bad recruitment decisions. So, what should you do to prepare?

Here are our top tips:

Know what you are looking for – How are you going to know you have found the one, if you don’t know what the one looks like? Try and create a list of attributes that you want from your candidates. This should include must-have & nice-to-haves. Don’t go overboard on the must-haves. How about qualifications and personality fit?

Read the CV – seems obvious, but I lose count the amount of times that we hear candidates saying that I don’t think the interviewer had read my CV first. Have a good read through prior to the interview and highlight any areas you would like more information on, so you can ask the candidate to elaborate. You can address any gaps or any concerns you have easily, as you have these already written down.

Practice your company pitch – no doubt the candidate has other interviews in the mix, and if you find the ideal candidate you want to ensure that if you make an offer that is in line with their expectations, that they choose your company as their preferred employer.

Remember put yourself in the shoes of the candidate. What is in it for them, career progression, working environment, salary, bonuses, benefits & perks? Company expansion plans, structure etc…

If you use the above advice, you should be better prepared and will find the process of finding that perfect candidate a little easier.

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