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Pink Lady makes her maiden call at Southampton

On the 5th January 2019, ONE Columba made her maiden call to the Port of Southampton.

ONE Columba is the first new build from Ocean network Express to visit the UK, and is deployed on the Alliance FE5 Asia to Europe loop. This pink lady can carry 14000 TEU.

This Magenta ship will be the first of many arriving in Southampton, and to be seen in the global shipping lanes. The last 6 months or so has also seen the rise of Magenta coloured containers & branded trucks being seen on the roads in and around Southampton, and throughout the UK. certainly a lot brighter than the traditional grey boxes we have been used to.

Ocean Network Express (ONE), is a Japanese container shipping company that is headquartered in Tokyo and Singapore. It was formed in 2016 as a joint venture of the Japanese shipping companies Nippon Yusen KaishaMitsui O.S.K. Lines, and K Line, inheriting the container shipping operations of its parent companies. As of 2017, it had a combined fleet size of 1.4 million TEU

Steve Wyeth, Director of SDW commented “as Southampton’s lading recruiter to the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics sector, we have enjoyed working with NYK and MOL as separate entities for many years, recruiting a number of key staff within both companies, and we hope we can strengthen our relationship further working with the management team at ONE.”

Photo: DPWS / Andrew McAlpine