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Hampshire Chamber offers import & export training ahead of Brexit

Importers & exporters who trade overseas being offered training for the extra compliance & regulations that they will face after Brexit.

Companies who trade with European companies, will face new Customs checks, more complex shipping documentation & compliance checks, regardless if the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal.

Even if importers or exporters use a freight forwarder, or Customs agent, ultimately it is still the actual importer or exporter who is responsible for ensuring compliance, and will be held accountable by Customs & Excise in the event of not paying enough Duty or VAT or declaring goods incorrectly.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce have introduced more training ahead of Brexit, which will give traders a basic overview on how to compile the information they need to complete Customs declarations.

A customer of SDW Recruitment, Southampton-based Truvox International, which manufactures commercial and industrial floor care machines, trades with more than 70 countries worldwide and has already taken advantage of chamber training on customs declaration.

Its sales office manager, Caroline Clack, said: “As a manager of a team who export on a daily basis, but not being very familiar with the paperwork myself, the Customs training was the perfect opportunity to get an overview.”

“The online learning module that we were asked to complete before the actual training day was really useful to give an insight to both imports and exports.”

“On the day itself we worked through real examples and it was really interesting to hear scenarios from other attendees.”

“This is a complex topic, so while it wasn’t going to turn us into experts in one day, we all came away feeling more confident about the information required, and the importance of knowing what our freight forwarders are doing for us.”

Steve Wyeth, Director & Founder of SDW commented “Regardless of a deal or no-deal, if we leave the EU, then importers, exporters, freight forwarders and all logistics companies will have a lot more compliance to deal with, which will dramatically increase the number of Customs entries required & add to their general overall workload”

“At a time when there is a recruitment crisis within the sector, it’s hard to see where the extra personnel to handle such workload will come from, however many of our clients have been planning this for some time and have been actively recruiting over the last year to ensure that they have trained staff ready to handle the extra workload.”

“It’s great to see the Chamber of Commerce assisting the industry in supplying additional training, which is no silver bullet, but certainly helps the situation as the more knowledge importers & exporters have on international trade after Brexit, the better.”

Source: Daily Echo