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Why your employer brand matters to recruiting

Our latest blog is going talk about the importance of building an employer brand – something that many corporates and certainly the tech & marketing industry are making waves in – but not something you see many shipping, freight forwarding or supply chain companies actively building or even giving a second thought.

Surprising as many companies engage a marketing company or hire inhouse expertise to build their company brand aimed at clients & customers. This normally represents a promise of performance. It conveys a positive image of your company and your products or services to your customers. It is a pillar on which to build a winning strategy. Companies commonly invest great amounts of energy and not to mention pounds into acquiring and maintaining their consumer brand. However employer branding seems to fall by the wayside.

Employer branding is totally different. For example your consumer brand’s main objective is to attract & appeal to shippers, importers & exporters, or transport companies – it’s a safe bet that none of your employees or potential future employees would be in the target audience for your product brand messaging. The perceptions of your employees about your brand might be vastly different from the images potential customers associate with your brand – but your employer brand can be as important to your recruiting success as your consumer brand is to your marketing success.

If you’ve recently attempted to hire shipping, freight or supply chain professionals of late, you know how difficult it can be. Good candidates are in demand & they know it – they can be choosy and in some cases demand fairly high salaries, for what many would deem minimal industry experience. Being in demand & having choices. Unfortunately (for clients) if job seekers perceive your company as not a great place to work, albeit financially unstable, demanding workload & regular long hours, unfriendly staff, bad management or many other factors,  you’ll find yourself at a huge disadvantage in hiring the best talent. Once more with everyone on social media, this can spread like wildfire and now with sites like glassdoor and even indeed, ex-employees who didn’t leave on good terms, candidates who didn’t get the job or even heard back from you regarding their application are leaving you 1 stars and negative comments & telling their friends – many of whom work within the shipping & freight forwarding industry.

It’s important to understand & really think how perspective candidates see your company as a potential employer. Every interaction between your company and prospective employees will help shape their perception of your employer brand as will exposure they have to your current employees, your communication, your social media channels, your recruitment processes, etc. Nurturing your employer brand with the same level of care and attention that is paid to your consumer brand can help shorten recruiting time frames, differentiate your company from competitors, and help you attract and retain the high quality talent you need to fulfil your company’s business goals, both now and in the future.

Your employee brand like your consumer brand is in everything you do & every interaction you have. As a specialist recruiter to the shipping, freight forwarding, logistics & supply chain industries, with offices in both Southampton & Felixstowe – we can certainly assist you maintain & build your employer brand & address any issues that maybe affecting it. We will also be launching a number of different services towards the end of the Summer that will help clients build, promote & maintain their employer brand – engaging with & nurturing employees now, for the future.

If you would like any more information on our recruitment services, or would like to discuss any aspect of hiring within the shipping, logistics & supply chain industry – please don’t hesitate to give either myself or one of the team a call on 023 8033 6633 or email

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