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What is the cost of not using a specialist recruitment partner when hiring?

In a recent survey, we have found that hiring managers within SME logistics & supply chain companies are spending up to 10 hours a week on hiring related activities, taking them away from their core business tasks & affecting their company, albeit in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction or staff management – or all 3!

Many managers have limited recruitment experience & do not have the time to dedicate to the recruitment process, so on too many occasions this leads to the wrong hire being made, just to end the process as soon as possible & get a bum on a seat. This causes even more frustration, as recruiting in this way means that many candidates just don’t work out, and the process needs to start all over again from scratch!

With many larger companies within the freight & logistics industry, and certainly within larger supply chain companies – we often see HR taking a very active role, which is fantastic for the hiring manager in terms of time delegation, but this often brings its own frustrations as the HR department doesn’t always have an in-depth grasp of the roles that they are hiring for, so they either pass all applications through to the hiring manager and just act as a middleman (what’s the point), or we often see some HR professionals decide to recruit themselves, by using job boards & LinkedIn etc… but they don’t understand the role, the ideal candidate and the demands of the role on a day-to-day basis etc…, so their shortlisting & selection criteria can be somewhat different to how the hiring manager would shortlist & select.

In order to make the best hires, the process needs to be simplified so that everyone involved in the recruitment process has a clear understanding of the requirement, to make sure that the right candidates are identified & quickly brought to the hiring table and the risks of a bad hire are eliminated as much as possible.

Efficient and effective hiring lies at the heart of a business’s growth and success & the cost of working directly with a recruitment agency can often be prohibitive for some logistics & supply chain companies, whist the direct ‘post and hope’ approach of a job board or an advert in the local paper (if people still do that?) can be a time intensive process that doesn’t get great results.

But what is the cost of not using an agency?

The average time to hire via these traditional methods is 60+ days, and in most cases we see logistics companies coming to us, and no doubt other agencies, screaming for candidates as they need to hire today as the implications on the team and the business as a whole for not having this role filled is proving detrimental.

To counteract the frustrations faced with hiring, smart businesses should look at partnering with an industry recruitment specialist, who can offer various solutions, depending on their requirement & budget, but to see this as a trusted partnership – a company they can trust and who always has their best interests at the forefront of everything they do. You will gain a full understanding of the market & candidate availability, you will have access to exceptional candidates and you will dramatically cut the time it takes to hire. For a fee yes, but far less than the price you will pay for not using an expert.

I know many companies still tar all recruitment agencies with the same brush, and remember that bad experience they had back in 1999. We’ll let’s be honest there are cowboys in every industry, freight forwarding, car garages & accountants – there just seems to be so many agencies fighting for your attention and desperate for business, that it’s hard to see who the best recruitment partner would be for your business – I’ll help you there, maybe a little biased, but for good reason – it’s SDW Recruitment. We are honest, logistics industry experienced professionals, we believe in simplicity & tell it how it is.

To find out how we can potentially help you, book  a FREE 15 minute recruitment consultation, with no obligation & no heavy sell – just an honest no BS conversation of what we feel is this best method for you, and whether we fill your requirement is a realistic one in today’s market, and to give you as much advice as possible. To book yours, visit now or call 023 8033 6633.

Hopefully we get the opportunity to speak soon.

Best regards

Steve Wyeth

Director & Founder