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The best 30 minutes you can ever spend with your recruiter? To give them a full brief

It’s surprising, but time and time again we have clients contact us with a vacancy, mostly via email and 9 times out of 10 without a Job Spec, and with a short sentence going along the lines of:

Hi Steve,

We’re looking for an Import Clerk, salary depending on experience – please send me what you’ve got.

Are you one of these? (I’m sure you’re not, but if you are – read on)

In response, we email our terms & ask if we can set up a convenient time to call to take a full brief of the requirement, and ideally a visit if you are a new client, as this gives us the opportunity to understand you company & working environment a lot better, but let’s not push our luck.

And the response…

Terms are fine – just send us who you have and we will advise if we would like to interview.

So you are happy to pay our full fee – but for what, a fire and hope service, where we send as many varied, poorly qualified candidate’s as possible in the hope that one stands out to what you deem in your head, a good potential candidate for the role, but not told us as yet.

As recruitment experts, we are good at reading between the lines, but we are not mind readers…

Now, I get it – I know you’re busy with putting together large tenders worth X amount of pounds, dealing with problems, managing workload, managing your business / department etc… The last thing you want to do is to give up half an hour of your precious time talking to a recruiter, not to mention subsequent phone calls to adjust the brief a little if necessary or to talk specifically about individual candidates, especially the unsuitable ones.

And yes, I get it if you have previously worked with crappy 2nd rate recruiters, who don’t understand the shipping, logistics or supply chain industry or even really gives a monkey’s about your role, and in fairness probably hate their target & KPI driven job, where they have to make 100 calls a day, to be told to go away 99 times, just to keep their manager happy.

BUT, if you can find yourself a really good recruiter, like SDW – but other good recruiters are available (or so they tell me!), you would be a fool not to use us (or them) to their full capacity. You see we want to consult, that’s why we call ourselves Recruitment Consultants, (a job title widely & loosely used in our industry I know). But we have a vastly greater chance of delivering you a solution, and be able to deliver it certainly much faster, if you collaborate with us.

Talk us through the day to day responsibilities for the role,  the must haves & the nice to haves. The best team fit, personality, attitude etc… What are the traits of the best hires you have made, and the worst? Is it a team or an individual role?

And a key one – help us sell your opportunity – give us some good reasons as to why someone should take this position & join your company. In the current skills shortage, you & your competitors are fighting over the same candidates – let’s make sure they pick you or at least do everything we can to increase the odds!

Arm us with as much information as possible & we can go to work in a consultative manner, working in partnership with you & ensuring a successful outcome – a successful hire.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

As a client of SDW, you have access to a variety of different services & solutions to ensure you successfully fill your vacancies, from our simple online advertising service, our fixed fee solutions or our full recruitment service. Our clients range from small owner managed freight forwarders, mid-sized transport & logistics companies through to global supply chain service providers & manufacturers.

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